Alexandra Mills
The Desire for Integration: Attempts to Engender a Utopian Social Order at Les Habitations
Jeanne-Mance, Montreal

  Adrienne Connelly
“This Place has History Like Ghosts”: The NCC/Charles H. Este Cultural Centre, Montreal
  Sandra Jensen
Writing on the Main: Tracing Street Posters in the Red Light District of Montreal
  Joanna Nawracaj
Moved: The Mobile Home Community and the Modernist Project

Robin Simpson
Light Fantastic: An Account of the Verdun Dance Pavilion, Montreal

  Adam Lauder
Bio-Political Landscapes:
The Preservation Tactics of Percy Nobbs
  Danielle Lewis
The Turcot Yards: Community Encounters with a Queer Sublime
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  Steve Lyons
Memory of a Post-Apocalyptic Future: Whitening Skeletons and Frozen Time in Robert Altman’s Quintet and Expo 67’s Man the Explorer Pavilion

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