Nicole Burisch
The Atwater Market: Heritage, Tourism, and the Politics of the Public Sphere

  Wes Colclough
The Henry Foss Hall Building, Montreal:
From Riots to Gardens in Forty Years
  Rob Coles
The Montreal Forum: The Final Season?
  Wahsontiio Cross
Behind the Wall: The Colonial Footprint of Fort Saint Louis
at Kahnawake Mohawk Territory
  Jessica Darveau
Le théâtre de Quat’sous à Montréal: Une architecture hybride à l’ère du néo-modernisme
  Philippe Guillaume
The Notre-Dame Street Overpass Sidewalk: From Bill Vazan’s Highway #37 to Today
  Natalia Lebedinskaia
Framing Visibility and Access: Picturing Silo No. 2 as Montréal’s Industrial Pride,
Modernist Icon, and Public Space
  Viola McGowan
Architectural Beacon:
The Joseph-Arthur Godin Building as Cultural Witness
  Jessa Alston-O’Connor
What Lies Beneath: Erasure and Oppression at Place Royale, Montreal
  Claire Renwick
The Montreal Sailors' Institute and the Homosexual Sailor:
A Model for Moral Reform in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
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  Pablo Rodriguez
A “Medium of Cultural Memory”: The Simon-Lacombe House and its 1957 Relocation
  Maya Soren
Reclaiming Le 9e: Jacques Carlu’s Art Deco wonder + Lady Eaton’s gendered space = Heritage Site for all?
  Sarah Wilkinson
Saint James Cathedral: Walking tour of a Monumental Paradox

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