L’Espace des neuf soeurs - Pointe-Saint-Charles

Session 1: Post/Modern Palimpsests

Alexandra Mills
The Desire for Integration: Attempts to Engender a Utopian Social Order at Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance

Adam Van Sertima
The Heritage Debate and Ernest Cormier’s Motordrome Garage

Silvia Sorbelli
Postmodernism and The Montréal Museum of Fine Arts’ Jean Noel-Desmarais Pavilion

Steve Bates
The Mechanics’ Institute of Montreal/The Atwater Library: Tracing Ideologies in a Lending Library

3:00-4:05 pm
Session 2: Hauntings

Adrienne Connelly
This Place Has History Like Ghosts: The NCC/Charles H. Este Cultural Centre

Sandie Jensen
Writing on the Main: the Street Poster’s Trace on Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Joanna Nawracaj
Memory and the Mobile Home: Recollecting the Blue Bonnets Trailer Park

4:10-5:00 pm
Session 3: Theatres of Memory

Janita Wiersma
Église Saint-Sauveur: Engaging the Abandoned

Robin Simpson
Idle Scenes: An Account of the Verdun Dance Pavilion

Session 4: Occupations

Adam Lauder
Fishways: Ecological Metaphors and the Building of Upper Westmount

Jennifer Patterson
Preserving a Legacy: The Adaptive Re-Use of the Grey Nuns’ Motherhouse

Danielle Lewis
The Turcot Yards: Community Encounters with a Queer Sublime





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