This conference and website would not have been possible without the support of the Gail and Stephen Jarislowky Institute for the Study of Canadian Art. We also gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Fonds de recherché sur la société et la culture, which supports Dr Hammond’s Montreal-based research project, Public Modernisms, and by extension the course which led to this conference and website. We would like especially to thank Professor Pieter Sijpkes for generously allowing his home to become our stage on April 17th, 2009, and Dr Annmarie Adams for being our tireless and insightful respondent. We appreciate McAuslan Brewery’s kind support of our post-conference reception, and Chantilly Catering for their excellent coffee and catering service. The success of our public event was greatly due to the intuition, enthusiasm and bartending skills of Shauna Janssen, our conference organizer. Many thanks go also to Danielle Lewis for her assistance with the editing and formatting of the essays found on this site, to Emily Kirkman, whose photographs illustrate the interactive map, and to Pata Macedo, for her creative design of this site. Warm thanks are due to Thomas Strickland, Micheline Chevrier, Adam Van Sertima, Steve Bates and jake moore for their help in getting supplies, setting up and taking down the conference. And last but not least, thanks to all students in ARTH 610 (2008-09) for their hard work, fascinating research, and their contributions to understanding the multifaceted and ever-changing city of Montreal.

Dr. Cynthia Hammond []
Department of Art History, Concordia University



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