This website was made possible through the support of the Gail and Stephen Jarislowky Institute for the Study of Canadian Art, and the Fonds de recherché sur la société et la culture, which supports Dr Hammond’s Montreal-based research project, Public Modernisms. We appreciate the insight and advice of Thomas Strickland, MArch, AAA, Dr Isabelle Pichet, and the anonymous reviewer who collectively provided the peer review of the papers found on this year’s site. Our warm appreciation goes to the Concordia University Archives, particularly Nancy Marrelli and Vincent Ouellette, for their assistance with images and research support. Our thanks again are due to Pata Macedo for her creative web design, and to Emily Kirkman and Sarah Wilkinson, who assisted with the creation of the site and collection of materials. As always, the greatest thanks are reserved for all students in ARTH 610 (2009-10), whose contributions to this course and website are the heart of this inquiry into the importance of the built environment of Montreal.

Dr. Cynthia Hammond []
Department of Art History, Concordia University



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